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How to Play Solitaire

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History of Solitaire

Solitaire games have a long and controversial history. Solitaire was called patience and still is in much or europe. Solitaire in place of patience is a fairly modern invention. It is believed that solitaire games were first played with tarot cards, which would indicate that solitaire most likely preceded traditional multiplayer card games. Playing cards were first introduced in Italy in the 1300s and quickly spread throughout europe. Early references to Patience are found in French and early names for the games of Solitaire were also French.

How to Play Solitaire

There are in excess of 600 games brought together under the heading of Solitaire, one player games. It would be impossible to list all the 600 games here and how to play solitaire for each case. You should choose a a popular version of Solitaire and play and practice it as often as possible. In that way you will best learn how to play the Solitaire of your choice and learn the skills and strategies required to play Solitaire. One way to easily and conveniently play Solitaire is online.

Solitaire - How to Play Solitaire Online

There are many sites where you can learn to play solitaire online. Our favourite is Game Account where you can learn to play several versions of Solitaire. Old games of Solitaire given a modern twist, such as Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire. Select cards combinations that add-up to a total of 13 in order to clear them off the pyramid. Kings are worth 13 on their own. Aces are worth just 1. Clear the pyramid to advance to the next hand. Remember, the lucky number is always 13! And the soccer themed solitaire Golden Goal where you aim to pair the cards off the pitch! . With all the cards face-up in rows, you'll need to carefully plan your attack to clear away all the cards. Clearing all the cards unleashes a mighty kick and a hefty points-bonus. Will you score that Golden Goal? Unlimited free practice at Games Account.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to learn how to play games is to play them as often as possible. As we've taken a view of the many online places where you can play games online we will recommend those we consider the best the net has to offer throughout this site.

As well as playing for free (practice) Game Account enables you to play in UK Pounds, Euros and US Dollars, but the majority of best online casinos such as County Casino only permit you to play in US Dollars - just remember that one US Dollar is equal to approximately 65 pence.

how to play solitaire online

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