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How to Play Chess


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Origins of Chess

The origins are contested although the general consensus of opinion is that it began in Indian and Chess developed in Persia, with the word 'Chess' being derived from the Persian 'Shah'. Chess is not a game of chance and requires great skill. It is known as 'the game of kings' and considered not just a game but a mind sport.

How to Play Chess

Chess is a game of skill and strategy it contains no element of luck and the best way to learn how to play Chess is to play Chess and to practice. Playing chess online means you have a willing opponent to challenge you and to learn how to play anytime of day and night.
Chess is played on a square board of 8 rows (called ranks) and 8 columns (called files), giving 64 squares of alternating colour, light and dark. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces that each move and capture other pieces on the board in a unique way: One player plays the white pieces, the other plays black. The object of the game is to threaten to capture your opponent's king in such a way that there is nothing he can do to save it: this is Checkmate.

Rules of Chess

The rules of Chess are quite complex. You first need to learn how to play Chess pieces each type has it's own unique movement, you can begin to play Chess without knowing all the rules. Play Chess online and learn how to play the basics Practice is the key to playing and improving your strategy so play often. (always check to see if they have their own unique rules too. ) It is also a good idea to hone your chess strategy by playing other games of skill and strategy, like the free and fun games at Game Account. Free practice is unlimited.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to learn how to play chess is to play as often as possible. As we've taken a view of the many online places where you can play chess online we will recommend those we consider the best the net has to offer throughout this site. As well as playing strategy games for free (practice) Game Account enables you to play in UK Pounds, Euros and US Dollars, but the majority of best online casinos such as County Casino only permit you to play in US Dollars - just remember that one US Dollar is equal to approximately 65 pence

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Expert Advice - How to Play Chess

how to play chess

Book: Better Chess for Average Players  by Tim Harding

Learn how to play chess from a recognised expert. Clear, straightforward guide which coaches readers through fundamentals of attacking and positional play, as well as how to approach the endgame. Reader friendly, this boo is entertaining and informative for beginners and those seeking to improve their game. Buy this book and learn how to play chess

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