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How to Play Pool

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Origins of Pool

Pool was derived from the English game of Snooker. Where snooker was mostly the reserve of wealthy gentlemen, pool had a much wider appeal. How to play pool is fast and easy to play and pool was always a popular social pastime to be played in bars. Betting on Pool began as soon as the game developed. It took a while for Pool to shake of its 'hustler' image and this was helped by the more skillful variation of the game 8 ball. By the mid 1980's the popularity of the game with young skilled players meant that pool began to enjoy a better reputation, tv coverage and sponsorship. Pool fans can watch the action unfold in prestigious tournaments like the International Masters, European Professional, World Eight Ball Championships, all televised on Sky TV.

How to Play Pool

Pool is played on a rectangular 6 pocket table with 15 balls and a white cue ball. Learn how to play pool with two players or teams are each assigned a set of 7 balls. The winning team must pocket all their balls and then pocket the '8' ball before the other team.

How to Play Pool Online

Playing pool online no download required.  It's a great way to learn how to play pool and you can have unlimited free practice at Game Account. Playing pool for fun and profit is just one click away. Sit at tables to play 8-Ball Pool or join a game already "In Play" to watch as a spectator.

Join players from around the world playing this incredibly realistic multiplayer pool game. Realistic ball motion and superb graphics bring all the action of the pool hall direct to your desktop!

Practice play just for fun or compete to win real money stakes. With no download required, you'll find game features and real money wagers to suit all players. Exercise your skills online to dominate the pool hall!

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to learn how to play games is to play them as often as possible. As we've taken a view of the many online places where you can play pool online we will recommend those we consider the best the net has to offer throughout this site.

Learn to play pool while you play for free online at here unlimited free practice.


Professional Tips for How to Play Poll

The Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game  
Phillip B Capelle

If you want to realise your full pool potential, A Mind for Pool will show you how to play pool by thinking pool like a champion. In the process you will learn how to: play under pressure; handle troublesome opponents; concentrate fully on every shot; overcome anger; adapt to the playing conditions; complete successfully in leagues, tournaments, and money games; evaluate and improve your game have much more fun; experience a quantum leap in your game. Buy this Pool book now
how to play pool and master the game
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Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots: 350 Moves Every Player Should Know byRobert Byrne
We highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn how to play pool even better. Follow the professional pool tips and everyone will notice the improvement in your game.
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