how to play darts

How to Play Darts

Learn the Origins of Darts, Rules of Darts, Variations of 501

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Origin of Darts

It's easy to play darts online today. It is widely believed to darts date back to the Middle Ages. Bored soldiers hurled arrows at the upturned covers of wine barrels, perhaps seeing who could come closest to the cork bung.
As darts grew in popularity, the game developed so that a cross-section of a tree would offer a better target. The natural growth rings of the tree provided a built-in means of determining who was closest to the centre, and as the tree dried out the cracks provided divisions within the target (the current system of numbers was standardized around the beginning of the twentieth century).
When winter came and the soldiers spent more time inside, they couldn't throw their full-sized arrows, so shortened versions of them were used - something resembling today's modern darts but made from wood.
The new game of Darts become so popular during the medieval period that it was taken up by nobility. In 1530 Anne Boleyn presented Henry VIII with a set of ornamented darts.

How to Play Darts

The aim of the game of darts is to reduce your starting score of 501 (301is a variation) to exactly zero in as few dart throws as possible.

Rules of Darts

The game of darts is played between two players or two teams. Darts are thrown at a a circular board. A set of darts comprises of three darts. To decide who plays first the team with the dart closest to the centre of the board (the bull's eye) takes the first turn.
Each player throws three darts in his turn. When throwing the dart the player's foot must not cross a measured line (the oche) If a foot crosses over the line or a person happens to trip over the oche and release his dart, the throw counts for no points and may not be re-thrown.


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How to Play Darts Online

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach zero from a starting score (usually 501). During each turn, a player throws three darts which is subtracted from his previous score until he reaches zero. To win, a player not only has to reach zero but also must obtain it through a 'double'. For example, if a player has 40 points left, he needs to hit a double-20 to win. How to play darts online has just the same rules as real darts so start practicing for free now at Game Account

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Dart Tips

The key to playing good darts is practice, practice and more practice. To keep your interest and enthusiasm playing variations of the basic game is ideal.

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