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How to Play Craps

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Craps - How to Play Craps

You want to learn how to play Craps as Craps is possibly the most exciting casino game there is.  As the craps dice bounce on the table, your expectation is so high as they roll to a stop. Even though it is such an exciting game many people do not understand the rules of this quite simple game, which is why we want you to learn how to play craps online. So just what is craps ?

Craps Rules

The game of Craps is an exciting game of chance, popular since the times of the Romans. The objective of Craps is to predict the outcome of a roll of the dice.

The player selects the amount they wish to wager on each individual bet then clicks the table to place their bet.

Craps Bets

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Craps Tip

Start on the Pass Line
A good beginner strategy is to start with a minimum pass line bet, backed by single odds.

If the bets win, place a new pass line bet with double odds. Keep the amount of your original pass line bet (flat bet) the same, but increase the odds bet.

If those bets win, go for triple odds.

Professional Craps Tips

Professional Craps players explain how to play better Craps, share tips and show how Craps can be played for profit.

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